Monday, March 16, 2009

Shout Out To The Winners

So there are these knives chasing you and you don't want to be stabbed. I guess that's why you keep running but maybe if you stopped for a second and looked at the end you might notice something. Whether you get stabbed by flying knives or ripped apart by your own crippling finish, the result will be pain. So accept it, wallow in it, verge on the precipice of madness because of it but don't deny it. There are sharp objects out there, its dangerous.

Then you smooth things over you get out your sand paper and your mask and get to work because you'll be damned if you build a house with rough edges and sharp corners. The house stands, as it should! But there is no danger, no life so you destroy the house from the inside taking care to break every single wall.

Okay your outside now and I warned you there are flying knives. The air is different when it's unfiltered but who the fuck cares it's just oxygen and you got shit to do. I guess you start running get a head start before something bad happens or not. Who the fuck knows I'm pretty sure the earth spins in a circle so it pretty much starts where it finishes. Oh of course there are some changes like maybe you only lose one tooth instead of two after a second sock in the mouth. The end result is the same there will be some pain. So just deal with it.

N.B. I couldn't find a picture for this post so I put this picture here instead cool huh!