Friday, March 20, 2009

Born Like This

I wasn't going to declare that I'm back until after exams. I never been known to be a hot head, but I've never been known to necessarily reflect on the consequences of my actions before I do them either. In any case. I decree we are back. This is because I found a leak of the new DOOM (formally MF DOOM) album Born Like This. This is like finding water in the desert, in a time where Hip Hop is drifting further and further off my radar I CAN NOT WAIT to listen to the sound porn that is DOOM. If you're not already hype head over to youtube and sample some of his new stuff. All I can say is DOOM never went anywhere.

In other news I'm heading to Cut Copy's show tonight, that should be a flavor wave of fun.

In way more obscure news I found this tshirt on threadless that can be described as shirt porn. That's it up there and to the left ^^.

Goddamnit motherfuckers. It's the motherfucking villain.

communal society is seriously flawed and expect a very dry very staunch post from me in the next 12 hours letting all you ass bloods know why.


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