Monday, November 10, 2008

Scummin' It Two Time

Baaahaha.  This is what I'm talking about people.  This is a true scumbag.  Notice his clothes, tight fitting tee, straight leg jeans, his baseball cap even has a curve.  This man is not shady.  I am so impressed.

Video of a true member of the scumbag alliance:  scum it one time


simply.steph said...

Is there suppose to be a picture? or are we suppose to be imagining this non-shady scumbag?

simply.steph said...

OHHHH its a link to a videooooo, thought it was a link to your first post. sigh, now i look stupid.

jamesforlife said...

Haha, I thought it was a link to the first post as well. But because I'm a geek I moused over the words to check where it was redirecting too...... step your geek game up.

@the video: ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, one day I hope to be that scummy..

Rusi said...

wow!I thought bent was a lock for scummiest male.... now its looking close.