Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wizard Party (Part 2)

Sometimes I pee sitting down because the splash back is more than I can bare. Sometimes I use mayonnaise because I can't find the ketchup. There are even times when I know the answer but I don't share it and all that. But there will never be a time for the movie Paycheck.... never. Say the movie Paycheck had some guts and someone pulled them out was like "Hey, look what Paycheck brought it looks like some great guts!" I would be the first one to say I hate them. I have a friend he fell asleep all 3 times he tried to watch the movie, now that's not right. It's unbelievable because on the third time its supposed to be a charm and my friend hates leprechauns so he would've loved nothing better than snagging one of those charms and rubbing it all in the short mans face like "look at all these charms you little jackass"... didn't happen now the leprechauns have one up on him thanks Paycheck.

Speaking of wizards I was finishing up the walk with my date and we noticed a bum was following us. Now I know what you guys are thinking e.x. "aahhhhhhh...!" but you are forgetting bums have one speed I think they call it insane so we just slowed down and let him walk infront (if you can call it walking it was more of a light jog combined with random instnaces of foot scraping). He was walking ahead of us now and then like a calfornian wildfire a pine beetle like thought borrowed into my crown and blew my imagination chest wide open. leaving me mindless to all kinds of burning possibilities and sizziling circumstantial indifferences. If oysters were the world it was mine.

"lets follow this mystical bum"

"what? Rusi its a date we should do date stuff...."

"I know its a date you shipwrecked slore, can't you see this bum is leading us to somewhere magical or are your eyes made of cancer like your soul?"

"yeah I guess we have nothing better to do"

So further on we walked ever closer to madness with the devil's ambassodor leading us into the forest.....

A little dramatic they say! well I say check out a ghetto lifestyle thats dramatic or valueable rap music has really confused me on that one.