Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Totally not gay

Does my prose give off a super gay vibe?
Not that there's anything wrong
 with that.
I'm just saying I am definitely not a faggot as some people would insist. I feel that would be a complete misrepresentation of my sexual orientation. I still can't wrap my head around why people sling around stuff like gay and faggot as if it's some kind of terrible disease like being french, or being into Nelly. Truthfully I bet a lot of gay guys get a lot more action than I do, in fact if I were gay I probably would have a really good time with it, imposing my "wide stance" in every bathroom stall I found myself in. So for the record: 
Kid Vincent=Not gay, not a faggot
the whole gay population= not faggots, that's mean.
I think it's the skinny jeans. I like them cause you can tell I'm wearing high tops when I have them on. But I feel like there is some kind of invisible marker on them that say "These jeans mean I like dudes." My washing machine must be broken again.

On an entirely unrelated note, the glass trackpad on my Macbook is like having my heroin laced with ecstasy. I have the entire universe at my fingertips with this computer. Blogs stand as no obstacle to my onslaught. I can pirate, pillage and plunder whatever I desire. Which reminds me, if there are any movies you feel I should download for the betterment of my life, feel free to comment. 
With lot's of straight love,


Anonymous said...

some no homo movies everyone must have: Leon the professional, Fight club & Ronin. some movies that will defintely incur the straight tears... Boy A, everything is illuminated & lion king.

Anonymous said...

btw, saw this on boing boing recently and found it related.

sort of.

jamesforlife said...
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jamesforlife said...

I hope to venture to the Apple store one day and rub my face on the glass track pad...

must have movies are definitely ALL movies done by Wes Anderson. Be about it, or you're duuuuumb.

edit: WOW.. theres no edit feature for comments?! smh.

anyway, skinny jeans FTW. no homo

j.p. said...