Friday, October 03, 2008

Learn Something New Everyday

Some things I learned in the past 24 hours that have not enriched my life in any way.

Who wants to know how to make a really good salad!? This information was imparted to me from a Turkish princess, or so she would have me believe. If you want to make a really good salad make sure you follow this template:

Feta cheese from Barcelona, don’t use North American feta cheese, it’s not as good.

Use tomatoes, it doesn’t really matter what kind of tomatoes, but they can not be baby tomatoes, you know because “they’re not the same”.

Use olive oil instead of salad dressing. Use pure pressed olive oil, not of that regular olive oil, pure pressed is the best.

(In fact you can just mix the olive oil, the tomatoes and the feta cheese together, and that’s a snack in itself. In all seriousness the CMoG staff do not recommend you do this.)

So anyway you mix this shit in a bowl with some salad and its tasty or something.

In Mexico they sell tacos on the street ala hot dog vendors here. You can get five tacos and a drink for 2 dollars

Those two tips are on me. And you get two posts in one day.