Monday, April 16, 2007

Sketched Out

I'm in the mood to rant and point out people's flaws.
I was on facebook the other day... Sadly...
And I came upon a certain word, several times.
This word was used in a multitude of contexts. But every single usage could have used a more appropriate word.
I don't actually know where the word sketchy came from. The first time I ever heard it was in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, where if you don't land a trick nicely then the word SKETCHY shows up in shakey red lettering.
Nowadays I hear it used mostly by middle class white girls describing situations they find uncomfortable often involving thugged out kids on the streets or individual strangers.
The unfortunate thing is that it's more often the former. It hurts my soul a little bit everytime I hear about the sketchy guy who asked for directions or cigarettes. Cause I know that girl might as well be saying "This big scary nigger came up to me asking me how to get to Dundas, but I actued like I couldn't understand what he was saying and walked away."
I don't think i've ever heard a black kid use the word sketchy. I don't want to make this a racial thing... But I think it partially has something to do with it.
Though it's not even the possible racial aspect that bugs me, it's just that I find it disturbing that people are so paranoid and easily scared by the next guy walking down the street.
I think kids these days don't have a lot of street sense and just have no idea how to handle different situations. Because at times i've been called sketchy for the way my voice sounds over the phone, or how I look at night when I wear my timberlands. But I wouldn't hurt a fly, unprovoked.
People need to take a deep breath and understand not everyone's out to rape you.
Take a minute to prove someone's intentions first, they might actually need your help.


Vincent said...

Take note, that the sketchy guy in the picture is wearing SANDALS!
Things aren't always as they seem.