Thursday, February 22, 2007


Our planet is full of girls

white girls
black girls
asian girls
middle eastern girls
south american girls
native girls
tall girls
short girls
skinny girls
thick girls
curvy girls
flat-as-a-board girls
preppy girls
emo girls
gangsta girls
bitchy girls
nerdy girls
naughty girls
dumb girls
prudish girls
skanky girls
tough girls
sissy girls
rude gyals
polite girls
red haired girls
blonde haired girls
brown haired girls
albino girls
fly girls
rythmless girls
ballet girls
agressive girls
passive girls
passive agressive girls
boring girls
interesting girls
talkative girls
quiet girls
alcoholic girls
drug addict girls
clean girls
dirty girls
starbucks girls
enviromental girls
feminist girls
sporty girls
posh girls
scary girls
ginger girls
baby girls
alpha girls
sideline girls
insecure girls
badass girls

But all of these girls, at one point in thier life, are the most beautiful girl in the world to someone. And that's real.

I know this seems like it would be some kind of chain mail. So I might as well keep up with the trend.
In the next 24 hours you gotta tell some girl exactly what they mean to you or you'll have horrible relationships the rest of your life and a little pale dead hispanic girl will hang from your ceiling and rape your soul in your sleep every night.
Get to it.


Bent said...

I just noticed that you don't have 'hispanic girl' in the list, but you mention one at the are a racist.