Saturday, October 07, 2006

MSTR-TV On The-Lupe-KRFT-Radio-Fiasco

Today's the day, my friends. The day that Evan Vincent joins the Contemporary Mix of Genius blog team extrodinare. Better buckle up.

So this last week i've been dabbling in a few different tastes brought on by the cds I so lovingly retrieved from my birthday.
I think to start of I'll do a few reviews.

Lupe Fiasco's Food an Liqour: A refreshing taste of underground music in the mainstream. Lupe Fiasco manages to drop that psuedo-old school vibe like there's no tommorow. In terms of style and origionality, Lupe is at the top of the bracket though he doesn't manage to top the likes of his predecessors (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Common)
Songs like Daydreamin' and He Say She Say deliver just the right amount of bounce and soul to make anyone appreciate his talent at producing and ryhming. 8.5/10

MSTRKRFT, The Looks: A far cry fom Sebastian's now deceased Death From Above 1979 MSTRKFRT is an indie electronica/trance album to blow the wax out of your ears. Though not as generic and poppy as your average house music, The looks manages to create pounding beats riddled with vocal tracks, guitar solos and robotic voices, that's still listenable. Though on some tracks it may seem as if something is missing, The Looks is a nice change for those usually not accostomed to electronic music. 7.5/10

TV On The Radio, Return To Cookie Mountain: This album is just straight bitchin'. I mean not like your hard rock way or ill bass line way or anything like that, I mean like so tight and creative and hypnotizing that no matter what your mood is it'll just have you mellowed out. If you're not in the more alternative stuff i'll have to say you might want to avoid this album but if you have an open mind and have a taste for david bowie, then this is definitely for you.