Saturday, October 09, 2010

Change of the Guard

Let’s not make this awkward. Let bygones be bygones. Like two girlfriends
who haven’t spoken in three years and suddenly run into each other at the
cashier. Let’s just hug and kiss and I’ll tell you guys what I’ve been up

Well, nothing has changed but everything is pretty different now. I’m
happily married, a newlywed for about a week and am expecting a child early
2011. I am graduating this month and I am finally getting paid proper
because I got a job that University graduates are supposed to get.

So if you were a person who watches Oprah you might say things are coming
together nicely.

I suspected a large paradigm shift, a mass movement of my subconscious.
And, although I would say I experience the world though a slightly
different tint the previous tint would be described as scum brown, the new
one…scum light brown.

I’m pretty much the same fucking guy, baaahahahaha.

I was reading some of my old posts and realized I still hold many of the
same sentiments from 2006. Homeless people still confuse and inspire me,
black history month is still a perturbed farce and babies still need to
smarten up, although when I have my child I may lighten up on that point a

So what does this mean for my faithful 12 readers? I am actually less busy
than I was four months ago. I expect to start writing again, but not in
the same role as I once had. Kid Vincent now owns Contemporary Mix of
Genius. He has been given all owner and admin rights and I’m pretty
excited because he has more friends than I do, so more people will start
reading the blog. I will still write, but only as contributor. Rusi has
only ever written when he channels the spirit of Nunavut Polar Bears, so
that’s what is up with him. Jamesforlife is not allowed to write anymore,
so if he tries there will be repercussions.

So Vincent has full creative discretion he can change the default colours
if he wanted to, if I don’t like it, tough for me I guess and maybe I just
won’t contribute or something. I asked my wife what she thinks of Vincent
taking over and she said no.

“He’s just a Kid who wants to be the king.”


I think my flickr account got disabled or something because I haven’t used
it in so long, now we have no banners…he’s going to have to figure that
shit out.

Okay so all the administration stuff is out of the way. My next post will
probably be about how I scammed my way into homeless territory and stole
the Riders bike.

Update: Got the banners back