Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post your pictures on the internet at your own risk!!!

I want to make music purely out of sounds with spaghetti. Maybe spaghettini. Who comes up with these names? The Turkish?

I bought a money tree today. But it just grew into a tree with bells, it calls the cows inside when they've been grazing. It doesn't make me any money, but it's beautiful in it's own right.
Do you think that would be enough to validate a twenty thousand dollar price tag? I'm not entirely sure.

For every goddamn day in my goddamn life, I have not had one goddamn day where I have broken a goddamn bone.
So this summer I'm ditching the milk and picking up skateboarding. I think I want a enjoi or DGK deck. This is where all the real people who skateboard say, "You would KID, you would."
I never want to stop doing stupid shit, I really want to make the most of the time that's been given to me. Today I'm sick so that's my excuse for not going whale riding right now but I know in a few days I'll probably think of something else to encourage my lack of overall carpe diem.

I used to wish there was something wrong with me, that I had some kind of condition or deficiency. One day the doctor would diagnose me and upon taking some kind of supplement I would suddenly notice I had all copious amounts of reserve energy. I would become almost super human, as if I were taking off the training weights from my wrists and ankles for the first time. As if I were on some planet with reduced gravity.
So far this is not the case. I will keep you guys posted.

Artist: Caribou
Album: Swim

You won't be disappointed. Or maybe you will. Whatever.


Rusi said...

Somedays I think a doctor will be like "Hey you can't concentrate because you're autistic"

me: "is that problem?"

doctor: "nope, you're super good at math now."