Friday, February 19, 2010

You, me and Mimi talking about Memes, Drinking coffee with sugar and creams

It was a sad day when I realized I was Bachelor Frog.
But also rather liberating.
I'm sitting on the toilet as I type this.


Memes are a weird thing. I used to think they were pronounced (mii-miis). I used to be an idiot but the doctors cured me. My girlfriend maintains that I have to much faith in the medical community.
Remember the dancing baby? The hamster dance? Do you think that one day all the things you find on the internet that you know and love will one day go the path of the dancing baby? Swallowed into the ever existing landfill of useless shit A.K.A. 99.99% of the internet besides Wikipedia, Facebook and CMoG?

And soundcloud. But we'll get to that later.

I really hope not. I would list all the things that I think are awesome that I wish could stay relevant forever, but chances are, by the time you read this, they're already irrelevant. It's gotten to the point where cultural works and ideas have such a short shelf life that I wonder if society is ready to just collapse upon itself. Remember the Renaissance? That shit lasted THREE CENTURIES!!! Now every day there's ten bazillion new inventions, ideas or books or songs or movies or youtube videos or whatthefuckever, all ready to become cultural memes that will last about a month at most.
I blame 4chan.
Then again, I still rick roll people.

Yo, so Sound Cloud. You know how myspace has music pages? Soundcloud is like the facebook of Myspace Music.
Simple layout, easily interfaced with other social networking sites, no bullshit.
Give it a try.
Maybe we'll start doing audio remixes of all our blog posts. If we do, you know the first place you're gonna find them is?
That's right, Sound Cloud dot com baby.