Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dawn of the Assholes

Don’t let anyone ask you, “What’s all this Hoopla about?” If they don’t know, you sure as hell don’t have to tell them. Unless of course you have just been waiting…just been itching for some dumb scunt to be a dumb enough scunt to ask you what you’re doing so you can set them on the right track.

The world is comprised by haves and have nots, and I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about something intrinsic to the very nature of being alive. Don’t ask me how they did it, but a large portion of society has derived a way to live without a soul. These are the assholes who don’t know what’s DOWN. They might as well be flesh eating zombies, and like Roger, from Dawn of the Dead, we are going to whip them. “WHIP THEM AND TAKE IT ALLL”

But I’m getting ahead of myself…or is that just my writing style? I won’t be so presumptuous as to assume I have a “writing style.” That seems like a gimmick “writers” use to legitimatize their writing. As far as I’m concerned writing is fluid and depends largely on circumstance. Take this one for example; I’m at work, hunched over my desk so no one knows I’m not writing reports but writing posts. This circumstance has led me to think and type at an increased rate as to avoid being spotted. Hence me getting always getting ahead of myself and jumping into the details of things before letting everyone know what it is that I’m talking about.

If they want to call that a writing style I’m all for it. But I know that can’t be too accurate because half the time I read something I wrote on this site and wonder if I was on acid. But let’s try to stay focused. Striving for my BCOMM is costing me my soul, and I have already had the unique displeasure of witnessing the mass amounts of students in this higher learning educational institutions that would sell their mothers gravestone for a AMEX Black Card. Obviously the strife for and lust for financial security, (security meaning BMWs, expensive champagnes, complex and vast real estate portfolios) Listen, the scope for this topic is way larger than this post so I’ll just say you soulless demons know who you are and stay off my BLOCK.

Being a young adult these days is like trying to decide whether to be a movie star or recording artist. All the Hipsters want to be straight edge and all the straight edge kids want to be bad as fuck. Half the time it comes out looking like queer as folk, and if you don’t understand its because I’m just playing with words, there’s very little meat here to digest but I guess if there’s a theme to this it would be. Ummm…..Be Yourself. Yea I like that one. Just be yourself guys, if you don’t know what’s going on, that’s probably the way it’s meant to be, don’t ask some dude with a Sperry’s on what’s happening because that’s just not your crowd. When you know what’s going on it want feel like Hoopla anyway. It will feel like David Bowie or Stars.

Respek to Rusi, the cell phone post made me laugh in my throat a little.