Saturday, September 26, 2009

This post will get you laid. Read On.

Maybe one day I'll understand why the sun wears sunglasses.
I miss being allowed to suck at drawing. Now people are incredibly blunt about it. If you aren't Monet you have to openly apologize to everyone in the room for how bad your drawings are.
There must be a way for me to legitimately justify my terrible drawings in MS paint. There has to be a way to get my work in the AGO.

Could I just be an installation piece? Could I stand there freestyling to some Bach? Classical Gas?
There has to be a way.

Do you ever see ads for Condos in construction?
"Okay... So we're trying to get people excited about living here. For today's shoot, Maria you're gonna have to wear a particularly revealing business suit and balance all sexy-like on a yoga ball, sound good?"
As a hapless witness to these kinds of posters (Women in bikini's looking out on their patio etc.) I am always bummed that I don't live in an apartment.
Is that really what it's like? Where do I sign up?
How is it that advertisers know exactly where to put something sexy to make me want to buy stuff? I feel like if it was my job, I would overdo it. I'd have Megan Fox half naked selling everything from underwear to Triple Whoppers.

Have you ever had a bad pizza? Is that possible?


Anonymous said...

the business suit lady on the yoga ball is for the yorkville gym...

Rusi said...

yup definitely yorkville gym definitely above the escalators at eglinton station.

vincent = huge liar

Kid Vincent said...

These are just examples, I'm sorry if I can't remember exactly what they're advertising.
If anything this just shows that the sexy girls detract from what they're trying to sell in the first place.