Thursday, August 27, 2009


You know, science is a lot like gravity.
You try and get away and deny the facts, but in the end and apple falls on your head or you explode in a spaceship trying to get to the moon or something dumb like that.
I feel like right now I could quit listening to every band besides Phoenix, and I might actually be totally fine. Maybe I'm just having a moment.
I have a lot of moments, I've had so many I can't even begin to tell you how many I've had.
Even if I did know exactly how many moments I've had (For example 66934234211245532352 + the one moment we're currently experiencing) I wouldn't be telling some shmuck like you. You could be a rapist or something.
If you've known somebody for like 20 years and your first impression was impeccable, and then one day you burned down the person's house and told them you did it and then ran away for another 20 years, when you finally bumped into them, would they still think you were an alright guy/gal based on your first impression?

I hope so.

Have we run out of things to discuss, you and I? Maybe there should be a response CMoG blog where all the people who have read this make their own posts about what we posted about. Can you spell post modern?
Internet 3.0?

Who's the best rapper alive? Weezy? Drizzy? Yeezy? Jay-Z?
Is it a requirement to have a Z in your name to be a megafamousultrarapperlikeparapatherapper?
You know Parapa's middle name was Zane right?


Anonymous said...

Before guitar hero there was Parapa.