Saturday, February 07, 2009

Your First Lecture with Professor ShutTheFuckUpInMyClass

Where have we been?  NO.  You might want to rephrase that question buck.  You amateurs wanna keep thinking in the box that Newton and Einstein made for us, then that's your prerogative.  All these 'physics laws' by all these 'physicists' are just numbers on chalk boards written by people who never even got to see the internet.  They don't know SHIT.  Just believe in yourself goddamnit, you're going to take everything a man who turned down being a president said!?  Well you better take everything I say at face value as well.  Insert a new chapter in all your books titled.  "The True Handstyle"  and start highlighting the shit out of it, because when I start lecturing you better believe it's going to be on the midterm motherfucker.  And that final is cumulative.  And I DON'T bellcurve.  So you better show up to class which is in session right NOW.

First off.

I said right off the bat, if you're wondering where the members of this blog have been then your still thinking like a homeless person.  The more appropriate question would be when have we been?  That's right time travel.  LOST is the best show of our young millennium and if you don't write that down on the final - you're going to fail...  Who knows anything anymore?  Not me and by extension that means not you either.  Lost is blowing my mind and I can't get a grip of it.  What is Sun doing with that gun?!?!? ARG why can't they just make a LOST movie 10 hours long, I will easily sit through the whole thing instead of releasing these 45 minute episodes that feel like five minutes when you're glued to your screen trying to solve this MYSTERY.

Second.  There is no second.  All this ranting and raving has made me tired and irritable.  If you notice what time this was posted you will understand that I need to eat breakfast and maybe go back to bed.  I'm sorry for yelling at all of you that way.

Your Friend