Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Not A Firestarter (part 1 of 76)

With all mystical explanations null and void is it possible to explain how a fire breathing dragon produces fire. In my opinion I think it is very possible and somewhat necessary because within the answer there is another realm of animal behavior. Only after we have explored how a dragon breaths fire can we start to think about why it breaths fire, why it lives in a cave, and why it protects vast amounts of treasure.

During Medieval Times fire was essential to ones standard of living. A surfs access to fire would be equivalent to a bums access to a warm vent. Fire's importance was not only for low lifes trying to survive its significance was also felt by those of a higher class. Those with the economic ability and political power to push the boundaries of their land outward relied on fire. For instance, if a lord wanted to clear a forested area around his kingdom he may hire some big dudes to whip the slaves. It could take weeks of wages to finally clear the forest leaving little money for the Italian marble foyer. Of course this situation could not do. So fire was used to clear cut many forests during those times. This is why dragons were coveted one dragon not only supplied extra treasure it also supplied a reliable fire resource. Unfortunately, Knights became more and more popular and it was only later realized that the Knights had a sick passion for slaying dragons. It is often portrayed in the media as some sort of heroic event (obviously Templar Knight propaganda) but historians have clearly documented how much people hated it when a dragon was slayed as it meant less free fire.



J said...

enlightening. AND the video was quite interesting, I think i've overcome my fear of dragons (since they're oh so helpful and what not) and now rationally place my fear onto the bombardier beetles ability to shit out liquid fire.