Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wizard Party (part 1)

Barrel rolling and shooting at the same time is a great idea. I fully endorse anyone with the opportunity to execute such a maneuver and to do so immediately with no regard for their surroundings. But when you're done pick yourself up, blow away the gun smoke, look around and ask yourself who am I really barreling for the people or Elian. It's an important question because when America says we have your money and we wont give it back you know to take it back build a statue and point it right at the embassy.

So I go on this date and its nearing the end of the night pretty much because I have a time machine which is sick I just skip all the talking. Oh for you nubs make sure you preset your time lapses to produce jokes at certain intervals it's a common mistake to just skip time without the jokes but you will find when you reach your destination your date is gone. Unfortuneately it will take one or two dates to calibrate the intervals but generally its about every minute. Anyways the date is ending and I can tell she doesn't want to go home yet and who wants to go home really, not me, not my neighbour's cat, not noone, nowhere, nohow. Like I went home one day and stubbed my toe on the fucking stairs yeah its like that now homes are fighting back, probably because of all the shit I put in the toilets after a taco bell big box n.b. * The box is not filling and the words big box should be replaced with tiny meal case with a clear sign indicating the meal is for ages 4 - 12 * Not wanting to take her home I suggested we go for a late night saunter and surely she agreed to indulge because as we all know bitches love ta walk it out. As we leave the car she poses a very interesting question to me;

"What if there is some wicken rituals going on...?"

"like with witches?"


"well we don't have to worry about that because there are mostly homeless males here so I guess they would be warlocs."

"Warlocs? don't you mean Wizards?"


Sometimes its a knife fight against large dinosaurs and other days you have a great cookie. That's it there are no other options.

Picture provided by Liston of introducingliston.blogspot.com