Monday, December 18, 2006

Nas Lives, Hip Hop Dies

Nas declares hip hop is dead.
It's been dead far to long and no one has said anything. No more grandmaster flash, no more hard as hell LL Cool J, not more Black Star, it's all gone.
Instead I have D4L and dem franchize boyz to fill the void.
Nas steps up with a groundbreaking new album titled Hip Hop Is Dead (The N).
The N is short for the "end". It's not clear whether this will be his last album or some other prophetic message but we'll just take it at face value for now.
The album itself hits HARD. It's full of classic raw Nas talent and is a little reminiscent of stillmatic in some of the more beat heavy songs. The album is somewhat of a concept album with many of the tracks dealing with the fall of hip hop and what kids like you and me can do to ressurect it.
All in all, it's one of Nas's better efforts. Comared to his last album which really didn't phase me. The real album release is tommorow, but you know how I do baby, I get my hands on it before anyone else.
COP IT, and bring our baby Hip-Hop back to life.