Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Ryerson Adventure

Chapter 1: The Start Of Something Silly.

February 6th, 2005 on this date a story takes shape. Unlike most stories which has the protagonist willingly taking part, or finding themselves in a situation where their action is needed, no damn that, essential. I look back to that February day and realize I could have just said…no. For much pain and heartache could have been avoided. Before I continue the names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent.

Tony Gonzales a big man with big ambitions, and myself, average build, with an anything but average thirst for adventure, set out from Ryerson University school of Image Arts building. We traveled south towards the closest McDonalds, where we could refuel and recuperate from our previous journey. Chewing on the remnants of a once mighty McChicken, Tony reaches into his pocket and removes a map of Toronto and the surrounding area, known formally as the GTA. He coughs into his hand and I immediately become aware that what I do for the next few hours of my life will soon become subject. As the map (contained in a yellow book) spreads across the maroon table I swivel in my McDonalds swivel chair to get a better look. My curiosity is building, my mouth becomes dry, ‘parched’ at the back of my throat, and I raise my carbonated soft drink and sip on it. Tony points at a spot on the map, and says,
“We are here.”

Yes, I think to myself. Here is where we are, nothing new yet. The suspense is pumping adrenaline into my system faster then it takes for me to become aroused while watching an episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. So I sip again on my soda, as I try to stop the slight shaking of my right hand. Tony continues to keep me in the dark as he mutters, more to himself then me.
“It’ll be a bit of a journey, but we can manage it.”

My palms are sweating, my eyes itch. What! My brain screams, manage what!? I keep my cool as Tony flips several pages in the book.

“Here is Bigfoot; this is where I want to go.”

(I suppose I should say Bigfoot is a computer store, not to be confused the legendary monster, it’d be cool if I was hunting Bigfoot though eh, you’d prolly be like omg, omfg, no way omfg, and then you’d bookmark this page, and come back everyday looking for updates, and you’d make some popcorn before reading on. While the popcorn is being made you’d call your second best friend, cause your actual best friend is busy cause he’s cooler then you, and you’d be like guy you gotta read this thing about Bigfoot…anyway.)

Ok, I think to myself. The stage is set Tony plans to partake on a journey to Bigfoot computer accessories, the balls now in my court. This is where ‘No’ will end it. One simple word and we go home now and play Xbox.



“Yea, how do we get there?”

“We can take the subway or walk, if we walk we save 2.50$ each.” He says.

“OK, we’ll walk,” I say, “how long.”

“30 min tops.”


I throw my garbage away, and head outside; glancing at my cell phone I see it is 3:00 pm. We should be buying computer stuff by 3:30…or so it would seem.

To be continued.