Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Parentless Weekend

So this weekend my sister and I were, as the popular movie states "Home Alone". However this weekend was not filled with burglars, boobie traps, or any other imaginative things Hollywood would show us. That means no crazy parties, no getting drunk, whiling out, hanging ten, or any other fun teenage stuff. How did I spend my weekend which half the living teenage population would punch their mother in the face to get...simple, Doing No---- wait....I can't summarize this weekend in one word, let me take you back.

(for the remainder of the blog, you must imagine a foating white boarder around your peripheral vision, this is so you don't forget that this is a flashback)

Friday- Mom and Dad leave to New York, hundreds of miles away, leaving on a jet plane, bye bye sayonara. After school I come home and wait, wait for something to happen, wait a little bit more, I call some friends, my buddy comes over (cough) a few hours later I find myself at the mall, later eating pizza, and home again, it’s now ten, I pick up my sister from work (McDonalds) and see some friends, after taking my sister home I head to this guys house, not to party, but to watch TV and play some table tennis...FUN(it is fun but it is not parentless weekend fun.)

Saturday- wake up, CUE THE WAITING PLEASE, I spend all day at home, doing nothing, waiting for god to say, DUDE WTF MAN, LEAVE!!!! Well I didn't spend the entire day sitting on my hands. I tried to organize a little friendly exchange, of course this is the weekend people would pick to do anything but go out. I've had more fun clipping my fingernails and then tying to peel an orange. Everyone bails, no one wants to go, its just to bad I find out today, well ok forget those fags eh!? LETS PARTAI (with other people)....right, no of course not CUE THE WAITING PLEASE, approximately at tenus. If only we open our eyes...and minds! Wish us luck! Any suggestions on creative play are of course most welcomed!

So, suddenly, a whole new world of pretend-play has opened up to us. And we don't have to purchase pretend-play kichenette sets, or pretend-play tool boxes. The necessary tools are lying everywhere around us. If only we open our eyes...and minds! Wish us luck! Any suggestions on creative play are of course most welcomed!